Spencer: Project Scorpio Will Offer “The Very Best Console Version of Games This Year”

Aernout van de Velde
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Microsoft’s enhanced Xbox console, Project Scorpio, will offer the best version of third-party games this year.

At least, that what Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, stated on Twitter. The Microsoft executive took to Twitter to answer some questions from the Xbox community regarding marketing deals from competitors, and expressed that it’s the team’s focus that the best version of third-party titles will be seen on Project Scorpio.

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Spencer doesn’t appear to be concerned about Sony’s recent marketing deals for big third-party games, most probably referring to Activision’s Destiny 2. “It’s all just business”, he tweeted. “We have a long term vision for Xbox and we are building towards that. Marketing deals are great but not the strategy”, he added.

This “long term vision” has various key points, including creating the best place to play, and innovating single-player games. "Build around gamers and games. Create the best place to play, respect the players, focus on devs, build innovate 1P games",Spencer said.

Spencer later expressed to be confident about Project Scorpio, and again said that the console will likely offer the best console version of games this year. “I'm very confident, from what we are seeing and hearing, Scorpio will be the very best console version of games this year..”, he tweeted.

These are some interesting tweets from Microsoft’s Xbox head, especially considering the fact that Activision and Bungie stated that the console versions of Destiny 2 will be limited to 30 frames per second, though Bungie didn’t comment on the Scorpio version of the game. More information about Destiny 2 on Project Scorpio will be revealed following Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference. Microsoft’s Scorpio project is slated for a release during this year’s holiday season.

What are your thoughts on this? Will games look and perform noticeably better on the Scorpio? What about next year? Leave your comments below.

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