Sony’s Xperia Lineup Has Finally Posted a Profit – Company Decision Worked Out Quite Well


Just when we thought that Sony’s bad run in the smartphone industry wasn’t about to end, in comes its Q4 2016 financial results, with the Xperia lineup finally bringing back some of the hefty investments that the manufacturer has been pouring in for quite some time now.

Xperia Phones Sold Lesser Number of Units Compared to the Same Period a Year Ago So How Did the Company Produce a Profit?

The company’s Xperia division, according to the latest statistics was able to sell a total of 5.1 million units for the Q4 2016 period. That figure is abysmal for a manufacturer like Sony, but given the fact that the company generated a healthy $187 million profit, they should receive a job well done for its efforts. However, here’s the thing that would probably confuse our readers. Sony sold 2.5 million units less in this quarter compared to the same period last, so how is it that the company was able to generate a profit given its poor sales performance?

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The answer: Downsizing. Sony reduced its mobile division and continued to promote devices where the company believes it held a competitive edge. Those are the markets where the company was able to generate more sales. Here’s some more interesting info about Sony’s financial performance. It managed to beat the likes of Pixel, Pixel XL, OnePlus 3T and LG V20 in select markets, which is a very impressive feat given the performance of Sony in recent quarters.

Sony is expected to announce a total of four mobile devices during the MWC 2017 trade show, where one of them has been rumored to tout a 5.5-inch 4K panel. It is also expected to be running a Snapdragon 835 SoC, but it might get sold later in the year since Samsung managed to secure itself an initial shipment of Qualcomm’s flagship chipset, leaving others to either use a Snapdragon 821 or delay the announcement of their handsets when the company would produce more Snapdragon 835 units.