Sony throws in a free month of PlayStation Plus again for US users

Sony is really showing their generosity this time around, first they gave US users a free month of PlayStation Plus as part of the welcome back package but now US users can avail an additional month free from the Playstation Store. Its a simple process and I have personally checked it to be working along with many other users. Head on inside and find out how YOU can enjoy an additional month of PlayStation Plus by following a few simple steps. Sadly this only applies to US users with Pre-PSN downtime accounts ONLY. 

Here is how you can avail a free month of PlayStation plus thanks to a little help from the EA sale 🙂

  1. Go to PlayStation store from your XMB
  2. Navigate to EA Final Deals Banner and press X on it.
  3. Click (X) on PlayStation Plus button
  4. Navigate to the third Icon down and press X again to avail your free month.

If the above method didn't work for you try the alternate method which also works

  1. Go to PlayStation Store
  2. Navigate to "PlayStation Plus"
  3. Choose "PlayStation Plus" from within the options
  4. and then you can choose the 30 free days package

This only works if you still have PlayStation Plus from the welcome back package otherwise if it expired than you will have to do the first step.

To verify if it worked or not go into Account Information from your XMB and navigate to Transaction Management > Services List > PlayStation Plus and it will show you that you have been bumped up to an additional month of PlayStation Plus absolutely free.
So far this has confirmed to be working for American users but I can't say if it works for Canadian users or any other countries at the moment.

Do report back and let me know if it works for you 🙂

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