Sony Summarizes Beyond Two Souls E3 Demo

As previously noted by me, David Cage is one of the most innovative and genius minds of gaming right now. And the last offering by him was Heavy Rain, which introduced the Interactive Drama genre to the gaming industry on it's own. And this E3, he showed Quantic Dream's new project, Beyond: Two Souls which stars Ellen Page as the lead character, Judie Holmes. This is nothing like the tech demo, Kara, since it focuses on the supernatural and is just too different.

Blurring the lines between video games and Hollywood.

Quantic Dream showed 20 minutes of Beyond: Two Souls to behind closed doors and journalists were not allowed, unfortunately. But Sony decides to be the dears that they are and posted a text account of the demo over at the PlayStation Blog, and thankfully its spoiler-free. Who in their right minds would want to spoil this baby, anyway?

Beyond: Two Souls will release in the first half of 2013 and will, hopefully, wow critics and customers alike. We will leave you with the E3 trailer, because Ellen Page.

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