Quantic Dream Shows Up With New Tech Demo

David Cage is probably one of the most outstanding minds in the video game business these days and his studio, Quantic Dream, stands as a testament to the fact that video games are indeed a form of art. Cage's last effort, Heavy Rain for the PS3, was well received by critics and fans alike. It was a perfect blend of emotional storytelling and a new type of gameplay, dubbed "Interactive Drama," by the makers. Yesterday at Game Developer Conference, Quantic Dream showed off a new tech demo named Kara.

Make no mistake, Kara is not Quantic Dream's new game. It's just a tech demo showing what can be done in the future with their new engine, built from scratch. The demo shows us a robot being assembled. The robot, named Kara, can do a lot of things. Things like singing in French, and being able to speak fluently over 300 languages. Also she's ready, "as a sexual partner." But what Kara wasn't supposed to do was to have a conscience. After she shows that she can think for herself, her manufacturer begins to disassemble her but then stops after she starts begging for her, "life," and promising that she'll behave as a robot should after she sheds a tear. She then joins other robots of her kind, ready to be sold. It's just pure emotion.

But while this short concept video was David Cage's genius at work, the reason for the demo was to show Quantic Dream's new engine's capabilities. The way Kara's eyes move around. And how her face as a whole looks so alive is a testament to how the gaming industry will be able to make great strides in emotional storytelling in the near future. Also, the graphics are fairly impressive.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dou4Gy0p97Y&version=3&hl=en_US]

So what are your thoughts on Kara and where do you think Quantic Dream is going with their next effort? Discuss below!

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