Sony To Release A Handful Of Mobile Games Next Year


Sony is bringing a handful of games to iOS in the financial year starting April. In total there are six games for iOS and includes popular Sony franchises such as Everybody's Golf to iOS devices. This is the company's favorable move in catering to mobile oriented gaming audience . Let's see some more details on Sony's games for iOS and what other titles are part of the release.

Sony To Release Popular Gaming Titles For Mobile

Previously, Sony has released two games for smartphones via its music entertainment division. However, this time around, the games are set to be designed for mobile and are produced through the company's PlayStation division. Moreover, the company on Wednesday also revealed that it is working on 10 mobile gaming titles which includes those to be released next year.

Part of the 10 mobile gaming titles include PaRappa the Rapper and Arc The Lad. As for the availability of the games, Japan will be the first country before the games will roll out to other Asian regions. Furthermore, the roll out will expand with time depending on the initial success of the games.

Sony said that the upcoming titles will free up the company's popular gaming titles from PlayStation consoles to iOS and Android. The announcement comes a week before Nintendo debuts its Super Mario Bros on Apple's iPhone.

Sony's PlayStation games for iOS and Android includes Hot Shots Golf, No Heroes Allowed! Dash, Arc The Lad Wild Arms, Doko Demo Issho, PaRappa, Boku no Natsuyasumi, Yomawari, Disgaea and Sora to Uni no Aida. These games will definitely flare users' interested in mobile gaming.

The company is doing pretty well in the console market, however, it's facing gigantic pressure from mobile in countries like Japan. According to research from Newzoo, Japan holds the third largest mobile market in which mobile gaming market accounts for more than $12.4 billion.

The upcoming games to be part of the release next year will definitely be a welcome change in the mobile gaming market. As it seems, Sony has seen fit to release popular titles for mobile seeing how the Pokemon Go platform turned out. We will see in the coming future how the upcoming titles from Sony turns out.

This is it for now, folks. What do you think about Sony decision to bring popular titles to mobile? Do you think the company should have released games for mobile a long time ago? Share your thoughts in the comments.