Sony Pushing Ads To PS4 Home Menu


Sony might be looking for ways to increase digital sales on the PS4 by pushing ads to the PS4's Home Menu.

The ads were reported by Neogaf user MMaRsu, who fired up his PS4 to check if Metal Gear Online was working for him. Instead he got greeted by a nice Destiny ad. Clicking the icon resulted in being directed to the PS Store.

Apparently the ad can be deleted, but it looks like Sony has now implemented ads for some reason. Makes me wonder if this implementation got through with the recent 3.0 update. Aren’t we paying enough for software yet?

Neogaf user Guymelef mentions that it probably has something to do with the [featured content] feature in the Automatic Downloads menu on the PS4. This feature has been there since the 1.75 update from last year, but wasn't directly placed on Home Menu, as far as I know. It remains unclear what kind of content will be included in the featured content category or if there is any limit on how much will be downloaded.

On Twitter, fans are complaining about the ‘new’ feature as well. Although you can disable it, some really don’t seem to like the kind of ‘intrusion’.

On reddit, a thread has been created as well on the matter. General reactions aren't in Sony's favor. I guess Sony 'forgot' to mention this new AD placement? What are your thoughts on Sony pushing ads to the PS4 interface? Does it matter that the feature can be turned off?