Sony: PS5 1440p Support Might be Added in the Future if There’s Enough Demand

Aernout van de Velde
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PS5 1440p resolution support might be added if there’s enough demand for it, Sony has confirmed.

Unlike the Xbox Series X|S, Sony’s next-gen console currently doesn’t support native 1440p resolution, which does hurt PS5 owners playing on 1440p screens as games are likely being upscaled from 1080p resolution to 1440p.

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From the looks of it, however, there’s still hope for those wanting to play PS5 games on their 1440p displays as Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) Senior Vice President, Hideaki Nishino, has confirmed that support for the resolution might still be added in the future if requested enough.

The Sony executive said as much in a new Japanese interview with AV Watch. As pointed out by Nishino, the PS5 currently doesn’t support native 1440p due to the company focusing on TV support instead. Sony’s head of hardware engineering and operations, Masayasu Ito, added that this isn’t a technical issue, and support might be added through a future PS5 update.

Good news for those gaming on 1440p displays so be sure to make yourself heard and keep bugging Sony with requests for native 1440p support on PS5.

The PS5 launches tomorrow in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. The console will release in the rest of the world on November 19th.

Be sure to read our very own PS5 hardware review and stay tuned for more PS5 coverage here at Wccftech. We've included a short part of Kai Powell's PS5 review down below:

Sony's entry into the next-generation console war is the one that feels like a proper next-gen system. Rather than simply expanding on the existing libraries, Sony has established themselves as the console that's going to bring gamers into a new era. The software and UI are both early on in their implementation, but it's the combination of Sony's new Tempest AudioTech, titles that can take advantage of the SSD, and the DualSense controller that truly make this console stand out among the rest.

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