PlayStation 5 Won’t Support Native 1440p Resolution After All Says Sony

Nathan Birch
PlayStation 5 PS5

When the subject of next-gen console resolution come up, we hear a lot about 4K, but what about 1440p? Obviously the Xbox Series S will support 1440p, as it’s been specifically designed around that resolution, and Microsoft has said the Series X will support it as well, but what about the PlayStation 5? Sony has remained rather quiet on the subject. Previously, monitor manufacturer BenQ hinted the PS5 would support 1440p, but it seems they were mistaken.

According to IGN Italy, representatives from Sony have officially confirmed that the PS5 doesn’t support 1440p natively. Now, you’ll still be able to connect a 1440p screen to your PS5 and play games, but what you’ll most likely be getting is a 1080p signal upscaled to 1440p, which doesn’t always look great. This isn’t anything new – surprisingly, the PS4 Pro also only supported 1080p and 4K natively even though, functionally, a large number of its games ran at around 1440p.

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So, why does this matter? Well, if you’re strictly a couch-and-TV gamer, it probably doesn’t. The vast majority of TVs are either 1080p or 4K, with 1440p screens being exceedingly rare. That said, 1440p screens are popular amongst a subset of PC gamers, so those looking to play their PS5 games on their monitor may be in for a less-than-optimal experience. Of course, Sony giving PC gamers the cold shoulder isn't terribly surprising – they’ve started to allow some of their games like Horizon Zero Dawn to be ported to PC, but they’re still primarily about the console-TV experience.

The PlayStation launches on November 12 or November 19, depending on whether you live in North America/Australia or Europe. So, what do you think? Does a lack of 1440p support matter to you? Or do you plan to play your PS5 on a regular TV and thus only care about 1080p and 4K?

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