Sony PlayStation Vita to miss Christmas launch in US and Europe


In a surprising turn of events Sony has decided to only release the PlayStation Vita, their latest handheld after the PSP GO will only launch in Japan during Christmas 2011, while the handheld has already got a lot to catch up to in terms of sales against Nintendo's 3DS this is a major surprise that Sony has decided not to introduce the handheld to Europe and the US during one the biggest shopping seasons of the year, Now people in the Europe and US will have to wait a few months extra to get their hands on the handheld.

That's right folks whoever put the PS Vita on their Christmas shopping list can cross it off and ask for something else, Sony has decided not to launch the PS Vita prior to Christmas 2011, its a shame though because Christmas would have been a prime selling point for the new handheld and could have given the PS Vita the push it needed to help it get started on the road to competing against the Nintendo 3DS but this release date only applies to residents of the US and Europe, while the handheld is still slated for release in Japan for the Christmas season.

Kazuo Hirai, executive deputy president of Sony of stated

“The PlayStation business is a key pillar,” Hirai said. “The video-game industry is evolving constantly. My expectation is for the PlayStation business to remain at the forefront of this very dynamic industry.”

Well I just hope Sony doesn't end up regretting their mistake as Christmas would have been a prime launch date for the handheld to gain a great momentum considering its one of the largest holidays / shopping seasons of the year.