Your Next Sony Smartphone Could Wirelessly Share Battery Resources With Other Devices


The concept of wireless charging is nothing new. Samsung’s devices have carried this feature since as long as we can remember and only recently, LG’s G6 also supports it. However, Sony has filed a patent that might be able to provide juice to other devices wirelessly, but in an entirely different manner.

Latest Patent Filing From Sony Suggests That the Company’s Phones Can Wirelessly Charge Each Other Without Having an Accessory at Hand

Sony’s latest flagship, the Xperia XZ Premium comes with slow-motion video recording at 960 frames per second thanks to adding DRAM in the camera sensor. In addition to this, we could be seeing a brand new feature come to the Japanese manufacturer’s phones and that is the ability to wirelessly charge devices without having a Qi wireless charger in the user’s possession.

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The patent describes an antenna system that would allow a device, such as a mobile phone, to transfer power from a wireless charging base station. It also states that antennas could transmit power from one consumer electronic (short form is CE) device to another. Details from the patent on the nature of this feature have been given below.

“At least the first antenna system is cooperated with a first CE device and the second antenna system is cooperated with a separate second CE device. The system provides a graphical user interface to illustrate each of the identified antenna systems, and receives user instructions corresponding to at least two of the identified antenna systems, to generate configuration instructions in accordance with the user instructions, and to configure selected CE devices in accordance with the configuration instructions.”

While this is something completely unique, what this might also change is the fact that Sony might end up changing the exterior of its high-end phones. To allow wireless induction between two devices, a mobile device needs to have a glass back so we will be looking forward to the day when Sony starts to ship glass and metal-clad smartphones in the future.

With this glass and metal build, not only will Sony’s devices be able to transfer juice from their batteries to other devices, but it could also mean that these handsets will support Qi wireless charging.

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What sort of benefits do you think this patent will usher for future phones? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.