Sony and Microsoft’s Azure Partnership “Deepening,” Gaming Solutions Being Discussed


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Around this time last year, Sony and Microsoft shocked the industry when they reveal they were forming partnership that would see PlayStation make use of Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing tech. Since that initial announcement, we haven’t heard anything more about what Sony and Microsoft are working on, but apparently the partnership is not only still intact, but “deepening.”

Today during the annual Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting and Q&A, the company’s executive vice president Toru Katsumoto had this to say about the cloud partnership (thanks to folks at Video Games Chronicle for the transcription).

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Since last year we have been discussing this collaboration with Microsoft. In addition to cloud streaming games, [we are discussing] semiconductors, consumer electronics and remote solutions. In these areas we are proceeding with our discussions. Microsoft Azure has splendid cloud technologies and they have given us [clear] explanations so far. Each side has its merits and it seems that our mutual understanding is deepening after discussions. […] In a mid to long-term basis, it is going to be a very strong partnership.

Definitely sounds like Sony and Microsoft’s cloud partnership is here to stay, and may end up having an impact on many parts of Sony’s business. As for gaming specifically, Katsumoto provided one specific example of how Microsoft is helping Sony with its online services…

Gamers usually play games during night and there will be congestion of the servers [during this time], but in the day time not so much. How can we utilise the servers more efficiently and effectively? That’s a technical point and we are discussing [this] with Microsoft.

I generally think competition is a good thing for the gaming industry, but if Microsoft can help Sony deliver better online services, which has always been a bit of an Achilles’ heel for them, then so be it. Looking forward to learning more about the PS5’s online capabilities.

Earlier today we covered some other info coming out of the Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting, including details on PS Now numbers and the upcoming PS5 lineup – check that out here.

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