Sony Ericsson to launch Xperia Duo superphone by September 2011

Jul 17, 2011

If you look closely at Sony Ericsson's Android portfolio, you'll notice one glaring omission. The company does not have a dual core phone. Motorola, Samsung, HTC and LG all have one or more dual core smartphones in their line up. There's no denying its the rage these days. A smartphone cannot be a high end phone unless it has a dual core CPU powering it. And clearly this is stinging Sony Ericsson. So what do they do? If the report by techcircle is true then by September's end Sony Ericsson will launch a dual core Android superphone that will make the Galaxy S2 look like what iPhone made Symbian look like.

Lets get to the specs:
Clearly Sony Ericsson means business. Each and every thing written above about the phone is miles ahead of what's currently available. 1.4Ghz dual core CPU, qHD 4.5 inch screen, 1.5GB RAM and 12MP camera. Not a single of these features have found their way on any Android smartphone yet. So what happens when they're all put together on one phone? I guess we'll wait and find out, provided of course the phone sees the light of day.

Specs via GSMArena