Sony Beats Samsung and Launches the First 1-Inch Camera Sensor for Phones

Sony Beats Samsung and Launches the First 1-Inch Camera Sensor for Phones

There is no denying that smartphone cameras have come a long, long way and while the companies like Samsung are always pushing the boundaries by releasing camera sensors with up to the 200-megapixel sensor, the sensor size, for the most part, has remained smaller. However, Sony, a master in imaging and cameras has decided to beat Samsung and became the first firm to launch a 1-inch smartphone camera sensor, the IMX989.

The Sony IMX989 Claims why Sony is the Best in Camera Industry

The Sony IMX989 is going to debut in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, the device is going to launch alongside the Xiaomi 12S and the Xiaomi 12S Pro on July 4, 2022. You are looking at a 50-megapixel sensor with a native pixel size of 1.5µm, which should result in exceptional low-light performance.

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However, it is with noting that some Sony smartphones actually use a 1-inch sensor, but that is a cropped version of the sensor that Sony uses in its digital cameras. This makes the IMX989 the first 1-inch sensor that is made explicitly for smartphones. Sony is also rumored to be working on a mid-range sensor.

At the time of writing, the ISOCELL GN2 is the biggest sensor that Samsung offers; you are looking at a 1/1.12-inch sensor with a native pixel size of 1.4µm. This means that the Sony IMX989 should offer much better video and image quality than what Samsung is offering. However, it is important to know that a lot of aspects of mobile photography also depend on processing algorithms, so it would be best if you leave this on the phones that implement this camera.

Considering how the smartphone cameras have come so far, do you think that the Sony IMX989 has what it takes to take the smartphone photography to the next level? Let us know in the comments below.

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