Several Google Pixel 3 Users Report Overheating Issues While Charging

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The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL had been doomed to fail from the very beginning. A slew of leaks ruined Google's big surprise and both the devices have had a plethora of problems once they went public. Today, some users report that their Pixel 3 is overheating while charging. Disgruntled users have taken to Reddit, Google’s Product Forums, Twitter, and even YouTube videos describing this overheating problem. The devices get excessively hot during charging and shut down shortly after

It isn't unusual for your phone to heat up while charging but these Pixel 3 overheating reports are certainly a cause for concern. Wireless charging seems to be the culprit here, according to the number of complaints. Users have noticed it on slower third-party chargers, Google’s Pixel Stand, and even on some wired chargers in select cases. The Pixel 3 also overheats while performing mundane activities such as initiating a video call and watching a live stream.

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All smartphones have overheating protections in place which kick in once the phone hits a certain temperature. The device then sends a notification to the user to note the excessive heat. If the temperature is still as high after some time, the phone will turn off to prevent further heat to avoid damage. The device also slows the charging rate dramatically, even to the point where the percentage can go down while using the device on the charger.

Currently, it’s unclear how widespread this issue is. Some affected users report that a replacement device fixes the problem. Google is yet to officially acknowledge the problem. At this point, it’s unknown if this is solely a hardware issue or if it can be mitigated via a software update. If you’re affected at the moment, you may want to contact support for a device exchange.

News Source: 9to5google

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