Solving GPS no-fix problem when using CyanogenMod 6 in Nexus One


So you have spent time changing, and re-changing APNs and you are still not able to get a quick GPS fix on your Cyanogen modded Nexus One - like you used to when on stock ROM.

Well, here is what I did to get my GPS working again. See if it works for you as well.

  • Take your SIM out of the Nexus One
  • Power on the device
  • Turn WiFi on
  • Turn GPS on
  • Open application: GPS Status (ver 3.4)
  • Go into its Settings menu
  • Click on GPS and Sensors
  • Click Manage A-GPS state
  • Click Reset
  • Click Manage A-GPS state again
  • Click Download [You'll see a message telling you that a data connection is needed, ignore it]
  • Now put your phone on a stable, straight surface in order to enable the phone to get a lock, within GPS Status. This time, you'll see your phone get the lock way faster than before.

With that done, now it's time to put your SIM back in and use the network to secure a quick GPS fix as well.

  • Put your SIM back in, and turn the device on
  • Check the APN settings, make sure that your default APN has the following entry in its APN Type: "default,supl" - without the inverted commas [T-Mobile customers can try keeping this field empty, if "default,supl" doesn't work]
  • Open either Google Maps, or the application GPS Status

This time you should witness a really quick fix at the GPS signal by your phone. And you should not face lag in getting a fix at the GPS-signal even after a re-boot, or in case of moving away from the area.