This Noise Cancelling Patch Will Be The Solution To All Your Snoring Problems


If you are one of those people who have had sleepless nights due to someone next to you snoring then this invention is going to be a jewel for you. While there may be a lot of reasons for people snoring when they sleep, it is a very annoying thing and there’s not a lot you can do about it, right? Wrong, a company is vowing to make a new smart patch that will create a silent zone around those loud snorers and help you sleep easily throughout the night.

Sleepless days due to snoring are now over!

Looking at statistics from Elizabeth Goldbaum over at Live Science, around 45 percent of all healthy adults snore on and off and about 25 percent of adults are full time snorers. There’s not much to worry about the on and off snorers, but when a quarter of the population is snoring full time then it’s a big problem. Especially for people who wake up on the wrong side of the bed if they are sleep deprived.

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This is the main reason companies have been trying hard to find a once and for all solution to this problem. While there are many nasal sprays and other doctor prescriptions that can unblock the airways to stop the noise, these techniques don’t work for everyone. So there wasn’t much you could do about your partner snoring, until now. The new gadget is set to counter this problem in a more innovative way. It was developed by a US tech startup and has been called the Silent Partner. The main idea behind this device is the same used in noise cancellation headphones.

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The Silent partner will detect the snoring person’s sound waves created and will create and opposite wave that will cancel out the snore’s sound. The will create a bubble of silent area around the person snoring, giving you all the comfort of a good night sleep. The Sleep partner looks like a chunkier version of a nasal strip and will pick up snoring sound from around 20 centimeters away. The team who created the device said that it is for people who have a snoring problem and not those people who have other sleeping disorders like sleep apnea. So this device is only for healthy snorers.

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The team put their idea on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo for a full campaign of US$40,000. At this moment the team has gained a funding of US$492,130 and they have delivery dates of November 2016. Whether or not this device actually works like it should would be left up to the users and their reviews. If you have had problems with snoring or if you are a snorer yourself then the best gift you could get your significant other is this device. Let us know your valuable feedback on the device in the comments below.

Get more details about the device on the campaign page or their website.

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