Snapdragon 820 Benchmarking Showdown Of Several Handsets Show The Best Is Yet To Come

Omar Sohail

Snapdragon 820 is definitely looking to be a strong contender against the likes of Kirin 950, Exynos 8890 and of course the infamous A9 (we are not including A9X since we know that it will require a ton of horsepower in order to zip past Apple’s flagship SoC). Without further ado, these new benchmarks will show you how far Qualcomm has come in perfecting its 14nm FinFET LPP chipset.


Snapdragon 820 New Benchmarks Show New Performance Leaps From Qualcomm’s Products

The very first smartphone to ever sport Snapdragon 820 was Letv Le Max Pro and it was unveiled during CES 2016. We are not sure which benchmarks are these, but we can be sure that one of them will definitely be belonging to this smartphone. Taken from Geekbench, all handsets are able to perform impressively, particularly in the single-core score, although we have to say that there are some differences in the handset that is sporting 4GB of RAM. If you look at the results carefully, you can see that the smartphone with the highest amount of RAM projects the lower score in the multi-core test, even though it should be the complete opposite, but that can happen due to many reasons.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 1

First off, the SoC is yet to be officially showcased in any consumer unit, so unless and until official benchmarks have been released, we only have these to go on. Moreover, software updates play a pivotal role in improving these scores so let us hope that whatever smartphone the benchmark is being running on will be promised an update later down the road (flagship handsets normally do get updated to the latest Android OS, sooner or later). Looking at these scores, we have to say that the magic of the quad-core 2.2GHz Kryo CPU can be witnessed, although the clock speeds showing in the test results is rated at 1.59GHz per core.


It is possible that the clock speed could be the lowest per core in order to conserve power consumption, but this will be confirmed in the future as well. Tell us what you thought of the benchmarks, and before you ask, we will be setting up official comparisons between each mobile chipset, so stay tuned for those too.


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