Snapchat Has Kept Everyone In The Dark For Too Long And Employees Aren’t Too Happy About It


It seems that Snapchat has preferred keeping everyone in the dark for a long while now. The list not only includes its partners, but also employees and investors. It takes its secrecy a little too seriously and it seems that it isn’t working out for it anymore. One former Snapchat employee said that on his very first day he went through a very strange kind of orientation and was threatened that he would be immediately terminated if he talked about what he was working on with his friends or family. After he joined work, he realized that he couldn’t discuss within the company as well.

Snapchat secrecy

Apparently many people in sales, content and other non-engineering roles are often kept in the dark. There are parts of offices that are only accessible by the CEO or his ‘inner circle’. Another employee said, “I find out about new products mostly through the news.” Another former employee said that the Snapchat's CEO is paranoid and would go ballistic in case any leak happened. Many former employees have complained about how they felt left out of the company’s operations and how only a few knew what the present or the future would look like.

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It seems that it is not just the internal operations that Snapchat is secretive about. They are equally secretive about the data they give out. It very rarely reveals numbers and when it does, they are very broad. The company has not given detailed stats about its popular elements. Employees, partners and even investors aren’t told about how the elements of the app are doing. Very strange, right?

The Daily Beast managed to review 5 months of confidential daily active user (DAU) data on different features including Snap Maps, Discover, Memories, Geofilters, Lenses, Chat, Audio, and Stories. The data revealed some interesting facts about how the company is more of a personal chat app than a social media platform and how some features like Snap Maps have yet to gain widespread recognition.

The numbers snapchat doesnt want to reveal

There has been a lot of hype about Snap Maps but according to the DAU numbers, it seems that the numbers have been relatively weak and have declined sharply after the launch. Over the past year several executives have left the company including Tim Sehn, Robyn Thomas, Martin Lev, Chris Handman, Jad Boutros, Jonathan Wegener and Sriram Krishnan.

It also seems that Snapchat has been struggling to increase its user base and that its stock price has been suffering. Its price declined from a high of $27.09 a share shortly after going public to $13.92 per share on Jan. 8 “If DAUs go down or stay flat, the stock could go under $10,” according to one former. “I feel like if that happens most people at the company will just quit. I know several friends already looking to get out.”

Snapchat is more popular as a personal communication app and it seems that users are 64% more likely to send a snap to a friend than post a Story. This is a great thing for the company as it gives them an advantage over other messaging services. Spiegel has often promoted the app as ‘talking with pictures’. He seems clear on the goal but his employees and other stakeholders remain in the dark.

What is the real deal? Why does the company have such a strict policy?

News Source: This Is the Data Snapchat Doesn’t Want You to See

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