When Everyone Wants To Be Snapchat, Snapchat Becomes A Real Time YouTube


Snapchat is going places. It started as a social network that was limited to content being shared by people you follow but now it is increasing its dimensions. It is now trying to become a platform where you can follow a real-time database of what goes on around the world. Today the company announced ‘Search for stories’ and this feature is surely going to give YouTube and Twitter a tough competition.

Snapchat is the new YouTube

According to the announcement, users can use the search bar at the top of the main page of the app to find whatever news/story they wish to see. So this means that if you go on and write ‘puppy’ in the search bar, you will get various stories that are about puppies. How adorable. If you want to go more macho and wish to watch a Chicago Cubs game, then type that in the bar and you will get footage from the game. However, for stories to be searchable, the stories must be added to the app’s Our Story group montage.

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A video was released by Snapchat to help you understand the feature in more detail:

Snapchat says that to categorize the stories, machine learning is used. Algorithms are used to scan the caption text, time and other visual elements and all this is then used group the items. According to a Snapchat spokesperson, the snaps that are submitted to Our Stories will be visible for different timings. Some will be available for less than a day and some for weeks and even months. Snapchat is being flexible you see. This new feature is in a way a real-time YouTube.

The feature will be rolled out in selective cities of U.S. and users will be able to search for public Our Stories. Ads, sponsored lenses, sponsored geofilters will not appear in the Search option for the time being. The possibilities with this added feature are endless, not just for us but for the company as well.