SMITE PlayStation 4 Open Beta Dated, Beta Codes Now Available

SMITE is going to become available on PlayStation 4 soon as SMITE: Battleground of the Gods, and some have been able to play the game already in its current alpha state. If you haven't been able to get access to the SMITE PS4 alpha, but want to play the game before its official launch, you will be happy to know you'll be able to do so very soon.


A few hours ago, it's been confirmed by the game's Official website that the SMITE PlayStation 4 Open Beta will be held on March 22nd, the same day the game celebrates its 2nd birthday. Those who really can't wait until March 22nd to play the game, can obtain a Beta Code by liking SMITE on social media and unlock their Beta code by going here. All those who are already enjoying the game have to do absolutely nothing.

Last week some additional details have emerged online thanks to a Reddit AMA with developers from Hi-Rez Studios. During the AMA, the team revealed that there are technical issues requiring a 30 FPS lock on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but enhancements might be happening in the future.

We are currently limited at 30 Frames Per Second for both Consoles.
While we would love 60 FPS there are some issues technically with making this work, especially considering that the system needs to keep track of many more things than a normal single player experience would normally have. That being said, we have made a lot of improvements in the past, and if we see a chance for 60 FPS we will pursue it.

SMITE: Battleground of the Gods Open Beta will become available to all on March 22nd. A final launch date for the game has yet to be confirmed.

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