Smartphone UV Sanitizers Go Mainstream with Casetify – Starting with Just $80

casetify smartphone uv sanitizer
UV Sanitizer

Since the pandemic hit our lives like some giant asteroid, we have seen several new products focusing on sanitization. However, it has become increasingly difficult to tell what works and what is just another gimmicky release. Casetify, the popular case maker, has now also introduced a high-efficiency UV Sanitizer that kills germs on your smartphone and earbuds with six Mercury-free UV lamps inside.

"Breathe easy knowing your beloved phone is safe from germs."

Using Casetify Phone UV Sanitizer is pretty straightforward. Just place your device into the box, closing it securely. The circular indicator light will flash for 3 minutes until sterilization process is complete. It also supports wireless charging, in which case a blue dot light will be on to indicate that the wireless charging is activated.

  • Model = Wireless UV sanitizer box
  • Feature = UV Sanitizing 5W Wireless charge
  • Material = ABS
  • Power input = 5V/2A
  • Size = 245 x134 x60mm
  • Interior Size = 220 x 115 x 35mm
  • No. of bulbs = 6 x 2mw
  • UV wavelength = 260-280nm
  • UV life = 10000 hours
  • Sanitizing time = 3 mins
  • Type-C Cable = 1.5M

Casetify offers its UV Sanitizer for $120 with free worldwide shipping, but there is also a Lite version available for just $80, which the company says is more portable. The Lite variant comes with 4 Mercury-free UV bulbs instead of 6 (which means sanitisation process takes 6 minutes instead of 3), doesn't support wireless charging, and comes in three color options.

Get Smartphone UV Sanitizer for $120 or Casetify UVS Lite for $80

The company is donating all proceeds from their UV sanitizer to GlobalGiving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund.

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