Skyrim Special Edition Oblivion Remaster Mod Skyblivion Gets New Teaser Trailer


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim recently received an updated version called Skyrim Special Edition on PC and consoles, but other entries in the series haven't been so fortunate to receive a remastered version. Thankfully, some dedicated Skyrim modders are working hard on a project that long fans of the series will definitely like.

Earlier today, the team behind the Skywind mod shared a new teaser trailer for their Skyrim Skyblivion mod, which aims to recreate The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion into Skyrim. The project seems to be rather extensive, as it will also include all of Oblivion's DLC packs.

Here is a list of whats new: Armors, weapons and shields are in-game, NPC's have been manually created, new textures have been made by Anvil Citizen for the Imperial City and some clutter, flora has been replaced with custom models by 3AMt and the first creature is in-game courtesy of Aerisarn, a video of which can by found on my channel. Furthermore we have our first quests and voiced dialogue thanks to Ormin and Zilav
From here on out progress will be faster and updates more frequent. Though there is still allot of work left a release date is coming closer and closer.

A release date for the Skyblivion mod has yet to be confirmed, and it seems like the team needs help from the community to release it in a timely manner. You can learn more about the help the team is looking for by going here.