Skull and Bones Has Limited On-Foot Exploration, Supercell Storms, Detailed Water Physics

Skull and Bones

Earlier this summer, Ubisoft finally re-revealed Skull and Bones following several delays and rumors of chaos behind the scenes. Ubisoft revealed a lot about Skull and Bones, but lingering questions have remained, particularly regarding the game’s open world. Just how in-depth is sailing? What can you do once you get off your ship? And what will keep a map that’s largely one big ocean interesting? Thankfully, Ubisoft has answered some of those questions in a lengthy new exploration overview video, which you can check out below if you have around 10 minutes to spare.

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While there will be no combat once you leave your ship, Ubisoft does reveal there is some opportunity for on-foot exploration, with players being able to search for hidden treasure at outposts. While Skull and Bones isn’t a hardcore sailing sim, once you’re on your ship Ubisoft promises fairly detailed water and wind physics that will affect how you get around. There’s also a full weather system, which will include supercell storms that can scuttle your ship if you’re not careful. Whether or not Ubisoft Singapore has truly done enough to flesh out Skull and Bones’ world remains to be seen, but I’m feeling a bit more optimistic after watching this video.

Haven’t been keeping up with Skull and Bones? Here are the game’s key features…

  • Outcast to Infamous Pirate Captain - At the end of the 17th century, tales of a legendary heist attracted young outcasts from all over the world. In search of fortune men and women headed far from home. Armed with only their instincts to survive, they risked it all for a chance to attain immeasurable riches.
  • Grow Your Infamy - As you complete contracts from vendors, local factions, and kingpins in the world, you’ll gain access to more resources and opportunities on your journey to becoming an infamous pirate.
  • Brutal Naval Combat - Engage in thrilling naval battles as you risk it all for the biggest prize. Equip powerful weapons and armors to outgun other ships, attack settlements, and rain terror on enemy forts.
  • Your World, Your Rules - Immerse yourself in the perilous paradise of Skull and Bones as you live and breathe the ultimate pirate fantasy, either alone or with others. Choose how you want to play, either PvE only or PvEvP.
  • With or Against Others - Sail the Indian Ocean solo or in groups of up to three. Rule the seas with your friends and or with other pirates you encounter.

Skull and Bones launches on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Stadia, and Luna on November 8.

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