SilverStone ET700-MG PSU is an addition to SilverStone Essentail Series

Evan Federowicz

SilverStone shows off the Essential PSU series which includes the ET700-MG PSU. The ET700-MG PSU is a 700-watt that offers a high cost/performance ratio that is looking to compete with Antec HCG Gold PSU. This 700-watt PSU has multiple features while keeping the overall cost low when compared to Antec HCG Gold 750-watt PSU. 

The ET700-MG PSU is a 700-watt power supply that offers multiple features for just $130. 

This PSU has some fantastic offers like:

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  • 80 Plus Gold efficiency 
    • Since the ET700-MG PSU is rated for 80 Plus, Gold efficiency means that at 20% load, this PSU has an efficiency of 87%, and at 100% load, this PSU would keep the efficiently at 87%.
    • This means at 100% PSU load, and this PSU will output 609 watts with the little-to-no issue. 
  • Fully Modular Cabling 
    • Removable cables
      • This PSU offers support to remove all of the cables, and this allows the PSU to take up as little space as possible by having unneeded cords be removed. 
    • Flat ribbon cables
      • The flat ribbon cables allow this PSU to keep the inside of your PC looking amazing while also allowing more cables through a single cable routing hole in a PC case. 
    • Connectors 
      • This PSU offers some amazing HEDT-friendly features, such as providing two 8-pin EPS connects (while one does split to 4+4pin).
      • Other connectors are four 6+2 pin PCIe power connectors, eight SATA power, three Molex connectors, and a single 24-pin ATX connector. 
  • PSU specifications 
    • This PSU offers a single +12V rail design, and the PSU offers over/under-voltage protection, overload protection, overheat protection, and short-circuit protection. 
    • The ET700-MG PSU utilizes a 135 mm fan to cool the PSU unit, the 135 mm fan only makes a measly 18 dBA (minimum) up to 60% load and only gets louder as the load on the power supply increases.

SilverStone offers complete control over components selection, and CTW creates the ET700-MG. The ET700-MG PSU is planned to have availability in the US in roughly late-January or early-February in 2020. The ET700-MG PSU is expected to cost $130, which does make it cost more than the Antec HCG Gold 750w PSU, but with the additional features that this power supply offers might make the extra cost significantly. 

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