Sillent Hill HD Collection trailer shown at Comic Con

Rizwan Anwer
Jul 23, 2011

Konami is working on remaking some of the more classic Konami games to modern consoles, this is a great contribution from him and I hope he delivers. Konami is working on Metal Gear Solid HD Remake and Silent Hill HD Remake, Metal Gear Solid HD will include; Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and A PSP Exclusive title Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. While Silent Hill HD will include Silent Hill 2 and 3, the trailer shows that Silent Hill HD is going to be a PlayStation exclusive.

Silent Hill series has always been a great contribution to the third-person horror genre, Silent Hill 1-4 were indeed some of the most bone chilling games of their time when they released on the XBOX / PlayStation 2 and PC but now fans and newbies can experience the horror in HD on their PlayStation 3s (well 2 of the best games anyway) . Its not known whether the collection will come to the XBOX 360 too just like Metal Gear Solid HD is but for now Konami has just given the fans a trailer of things to come.Now if only they included Silent Hill 4 in the package this would be an awesome collection.