Silicon Power Transforms Memory Card Usage with 3 New SD Card Readers


Silicon Power brings some new products into the memory card market with the announcement of three new card readers. The company aims to enhance the effectiveness and usability of SD and microSD cards across a number of industries. SP's Mobile, Key, and Combo card readers pack a number of unique features and are ideal solutions for a number of uses.

Silicon Power Introduces New USB Type-C SD Card Readers

With many moving all of their data to cloud storage and disappearing physical memory storage solutions, Silicon Power believes there is still a market for personally storing your own data. Card readers serve a number of purposes that SD and microSD cards can't do alone. Card readers allow ease of use connectivity and can also help protect fragile cards from wear and tear. Without the card reader, the card alone is subject to damage. The new line of card readers are hot swap ready, so users can take out their cards without having to eject from their OS.

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 "These card readers are the data bridge between devices and people. They're great solutions."

Glade Norman - SP's Head of International Marketing

The Mobile Card Reader connects a microSD card to any Type-C and Type-A device. With 3.1 technology, the Mobile Card Reader reaches speeds of 5Gbps and is ready for instant plug and play. A unique sandblasted zinc alloy gives the lightweight 10.7 gram Mobile Card Reader a defined look. Users can connect Mobile Card Readers to any Type-C device and upload their content from digital cameras, dash cameras, drones, hunting cams, GPS devices, and other digital videos.

Silicon Power's Key Card Reader features Type-A to microSD capabilities. Combining performance with ridiculously small size, users can transfer photos, videos, documents, and other important files to any computer or smartphone. The Key Card Reader's innovative design concept turns this tiny piece of technology into a personal flash drive with a convenient lanyard hole. The Key Card Reader is a thin, lightweight tool with tons of capabilities available with an 8, 16, 32, or 64GB microSD card.

The Combo Card Reader comes with a Type-A USB connector, hidden with a retractable sleeve, and supports microSD and SD cards. With transfer speeds ten times faster than USB 2.0 and universal compatibility, user's cards and the Combo Card Reader itself remain protected. It weighs in at 16.7 grams and comes in white or dark grey. Silicon Power added a blue LED indicator light for intelligent charging indication.

Pricing And Availability

The Mobile will be available from the end of August, while the Key multi-packs and the Combo will be available on August 1st