Silent Hill Composer Akira Yamaoka Hints at a Summer Reveal for “the One You’re Hoping For”


Over the past months and years, we’ve heard persistent rumors that Konami’s long-neglected Silent Hill franchise was being revived, likely as a Sony-developed PS5 exclusive. Unfortunately, the rumors have remained just that, rumors, with neither Konami or Sony officially confirming anything. Fans’ dreams were also dealt a recent blow when series co-creator Keiichiro Toyama left Sony to found his own studio. Ah, but there may reason for hope yet again!

Akira Yamaoka, who has composed the music for every Silent Hill game, even the later Western-developed ones, may have let slip when the SH reboot will finally be revealed in an interview with Arabic gaming site AI Hub. Here’s what Yamaoka had to say when asked what he might be working on next…

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You'll probably hear something this summer, to be announced, and I think it's the one you're hoping to hear about. But we're keeping it general at this point.

“The One you’re hoping to hear about” huh? While Yamaoka has worked on a wide array of games, I can’t imagine he’d be referring to anything other than Silent Hill here. I mean, sure, I’d like a sequel to Rumble Roses, but I’m probably alone in that.

Yamaoka’s latest project to be released was the Silent-Hill-inspired horror game The Medium. Wccftech’s Kai Powell found it to be a solid, if somewhat rough-around-the-edges experience in his full review

The Medium [tries] to invoke the split realities of Silent Hill and rely on those feelings of longing and desire for something new from Team Silent. […] Marianne might be able to jump between two realities, but The Medium is trapped somewhere between being a worthy Silent Hill successor and another mediocre hide and seek horror game.

What do you think? Will a Silent Hill reboot finally be unveiled this summer or have these rumors been all smoke and no fire?