Shallow Space, Marvelous Space RTS, Has Renewed Focus, New Website and New Roadmap


Shallow Space is one of the more remarkable independently developed games out there, attracting the producer of the very game that's inspired its creation. Unfortunately, like all developers, they lost a little momentum along the way. It happens to everyone, but thankfully the Shallow Space crew has regained that drive.

A website redesign and a new roadmap has helped inject some needed focus in the Shallow Space project.

Perhaps this is the antithesis of the average player-backed project, a developer that seeks to under promise while then over delivering on the features. But that's the aim for the Shallow Space developers. They don't to get your hopes up and then not be able to accomplish all they said they would. They're a small studio, after-all.

Those that don't really understand the complexities of game development will enjoy that fresh perspective, of having a game idea that's just great enough on its own that it doesn't need stretch goals to be truly awesome. But there are always some issues that crop up, some difficulties that are more daunting than initially realized. That being said, the focus for James over at Shallow Space has recently been re-honed thanks to a website redesign, new fantastic ship designs and a more detailed roadmap.

Ship design especially is a source of good inspiration for the team. The models used thus far, though great, are also publicly available to everyone and might be seen in other games. As great as they are, the sense of individuality is thus lost and the true uniqueness that's being striven for in Shallow Space isn't quite there. So, they've commissioned their own artists to create exclusive ship designs for Shallow Space that they're calling 'Omega'. Thus far they look amazing. Now a medium corvette is being added to the stable. Many more ship designs are on the way in the future.

All of the that has helped revitalize their purpose, so that the project is now continuing with even more fervor. The story is beginning to take on a much more directed shape as are the eight major factions that you'll be able to play as. The newest of which is the Mineral & Fusion Corp.

Shallow Space is going to be a space RTS with an immense amount of ship customization options. You'll be able to collect resources to build your fleets that are organized into flotillas, making use of those to fight against enemies across planetary systems in an asymmetrically balanced game. It offers a true 3-dimensional environment to fight in. Remember, in space they can come from all directions!

Shallow Space is on track and progressing nicely now. Crucially, even the alpha demo is well thought out and well designed. It's certainly shaping up to be a very exciting entry into the space RTS realm. You can pre-order via their website now and look forward to an August, 2015 release into Steam's Early Access program.