Shadow Warrior 3 Reportedly Coming to Game Pass Soon

Alessio Palumbo
Shadow Warrior 3

According to Game Pass app notifications shared on Reddit's GamingLeaksAndRumors, Shadow Warrior 3 could be about to be added to Microsoft's subscription service.

The game developed by Polish studio Flying Wild Hog was released in early March 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Wccftech's official review, Nathan Birch wasn't exactly impressed and rated it a mere 5.5 out of 10.

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Overall, Shadow Warrior 3 just doesn’t feel very ambitious, particularly following in the footsteps of Shadow Warrior 2, which toyed with a more open world design, procedural generation systems, and co-op. That game didn’t entirely work, but at least Flying Wild Hog tried some stuff. It feels like they’ve retreated to the bare minimum here, serving up a simple, linear, single-player-only campaign that barely surpasses the six-hour mark and doesn’t provide much replay value. Sure, you could tackle the game again on a higher difficulty, although listening to Lo Wang’s one-liners again may prove too challenging for some.

Shadow Warrior 3 offers some competent (albeit mostly borrowed) core shooting mechanics and first-person platforming, but uninspired, repetitive level design, irritating enemies, and a withering onslaught of dad humor may leave you longing for relief before the game’s relatively-brief campaign wraps up. Shadow Warrior 3 isn’t without its moments and may be worth a shot at a considerable discount, but this franchise is still eclipsed by the FPS big boys.

Even if you don't fancy Shadow Warrior 3, the news might hint that Microsoft is nearly ready to unveil the next wave of games coming to Game Pass. Stay tuned to get all the latest info on new Game Pass additions.

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