SEGA gets on the Ubisoft DRM bandwagon.

Rizwan Anwer

The PC gaming world is well aware of Ubisofts new DRM which requires constant internet connection which stays in touch with Ubisoft servers, well it wasn't long until SEGA became one of the first companies to adapt this DRM in one of their new upcoming games called "Alpha Protocol", SEGA has embraced the dark side and has implemented this dreadful DRM into their game. Although counting SEGA's recent releases (Aliens vs Predator anyone?) the game wasn't expected to have a high sale anyways because SEGA has been well known to have low sales cause of their buggy games and not to mention lifeless games their recent games have all been either been utterly boring, no replay value or are so buggy that you spend half your time look at crash reports rather then the game itself!.

But this is still a great sign to the PC pirate/gamer that the end of pirated games in NIGH and ultimately we MIGHT have to actually pay for a game if we want to play it, many people gave in to Assassins Creed 2 despite the DRM even though at the games initial release Ubisoft servers constantly crashing became a regular day to day occurrence causing 1000's if not millions of PC gamers extra wait just because Ubisoft servers got a DDOS attack from pirates.

Ubisoft is currently the leader of the pack in the move to put an end to piracy, heck not only Ubisoft but the entire UK parliament with the digital economy bill might just put a complete end to piracy as we know it. (for the UK at least and it won't be soon till it spreads to the rest of the world.)

PC gamers are pushed against the wall forced to make a linear choice of "to buy or not to buy", even playing the pirated version is a pain because you have to setup a virtual server on your own pc which is quite the burden on the neck of "amateur" PC gamers who don't even you can turn your PC into a server ... now the question is will pirates cave in to this new DRM or will the DRM backfire and be removed like the ever so famous Star Force? Only time can answer that question.

Source: Aggrogamer

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