Secret Apple Update Boosts Graphic Performance – iOS 7.0.3 Update

Sohaib Ahmad

The iOS  7.0.3 Update was seeded to fix minor issues, fixes include accelerometer improvement and revised lock screen to name a few.The addition of the "iCloud" key chain which keeps saves your credentials across all Apple devices is also included. This feature works as advertised and is a handy tool for people of different ages.

7.0.3 Update

The 'Hidden' 7.0.3 Update & The Catch

However this update has a hidden improvement which comes in the form of better graphic performance. The GFX benchmark has been optimized by 10%. The graphic part of the A7 chipset powered by the quad core PowerVR G6430, already powerful to handle any task put before it has been boosted even further,transitions have been speed-ed up, this optimization and more in the future will unravel the power the 64bit chip carries.

The performance improvement is evident from these:

7.0.3 Update


An improvement of roughly 800 points in the GFX 2.5 Egypt offscreen 1080p .

Other fixes include

  • Bug fixes for smooth usage of imessage
  • Reduces system crashes
  • Improvements and bug fixes for siri
  • Improvement in lock-screen security
  • Reduced motion sickness

The whole list can be viewed on apple's site :

The update has been out for 3 days now, if u haven't got it yet, go to apple support and upgrade immediately. Apple still has a lot of bugs to fix, lots of optimizations to do, fixes are needed for the blue screen of death and battery drain problems to name a few. There are indeed a few problem which arise after this update, but the advantages outweigh the problems, so either wait for the 7.1 update or try the 7.0.3 Update

Although the iPhone carries remnants of the old iPhone 5, the chip set was revamped and now only time will tell how much driver and software optimizations can be done on it.

With this new update, Apple proves that its software support is top notch as ever.

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