Season is a Gorgeous PlayStation Console Exclusive Exploration Game Coming in 2021


A lot of exciting projects were announced last night at The Game Awards, but surprisingly, perhaps the most visually striking of the bunch didn’t come from a big developer or publisher. Season is a new exploration game from small Montreal-based developer Scavengers Studio, and the game looks absolutely gorgeous. Check out a trailer for the game, below.

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Not bad, eh? Scavengers describes Season as “atmospheric adventure bicycle road trip game,” in which players set out on a quest to record various details of their semi-grounded fantasy world (think Studio Ghibli rather than Tolkien) before it’s all destroyed in a mysterious apocalypse. Most people would get a lifetime to explore the world, but our protagonist only gets a season, hence the game’s title. So, yes, it’s a walking (or rather, biking) simulator, but it’s a damn beautiful one. Unsurprisingly, Season creative director Kevin Sullivan is excited to be working on the game.

We're dizzily excited to share the world of Season with the world of the real world. Just as the character in the game makes a cultural collection, the game itself has been that for us. It has absorbed our worries about the state of the planet, our joy at living on it, things we’ve seen, people we’ve loved and lost, all tied together into something, hopefully, beautiful and strange.

Here’s what Scavengers CEO Amélie Lamarche had to say about the game…

I really wanted the studio to build a game that is unique in its genre, accessible to a wide audience, and leads players into a striking story, elegant and fully felt. […] Season's creative direction pushes the boundaries of anything I've seen so far. It is a quest for adventures of astonishing beauty, but also full of the unexpected.

Season is “coming soon” to PC (via Steam) and PlayStation. The debut trailer only lists the PS5, but a PS4 version may also be on the way (it’s not entirely clear at this juncture). What do you think? Excited to tune up your bike and do some exploring?