Season: A Letter to the Future Locks Down a January Release Date, Demo Available Now

Nathan Birch

Back in 2020 we got our first glimpse of Season, a visually-striking adventure in which players record various details of their semi-grounded fantasy world (think Studio Ghibli rather than Tolkien) before it’s all destroyed in a mysterious apocalypse. The game suffered some bumps in the road since then, including accusations of toxic management at Montreal-based developer Scavengers Studio, but development continued, and now the renamed Season: A Letter to the Future has locked down an early-2023 release date. Check out the latest Season trailer, below.

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Development issues aside, there's no denying it looks rather lovely. Intrigued but not sure if Season is for you? Well, a demo is available now on Steam and the PlayStation Store. Season can be pre-ordered now, and if you’re a PS Plus member, you get 10 percent off the game’s $25 price tag. Here’s the game’s official description…

"In Season: A Letter to the Future, you play as a young woman from a secluded village exploring the world by bike for the first time, collecting memories before a cataclysm washes everything away. Season is a quest to discover a new world; one unknown yet familiar. Document, photograph, and record life as you find it, while you still can.

The gameplay of Season: A Letter to the Future focuses on exploring, recording, meeting others, and unraveling the strange world around you. At any point, you can hop off your bike and equip a recording tool from your bag. Each captures a different element; sounds and music, art and architecture, voices of old people, vanishing religious practices, the traces of seasons long past. Your tools help you examine the world more closely until you’re able to grasp the culture, history, and ecology underneath everything."

Gameplay Features:

  • A bicycle road trip: Wind your way through stunning landscapes on your bicycle.
  • Explore a mysterious world: Meet a diverse cast of characters along your way, who will change the course of your story.
  • Document, photograph, and record: Collect memories, make recordings, and discover the secrets of the world of Season before it ends.

Season: A Letter to the Future launches on PC, PS4, and PS5 on January 31, 2023.

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