Seagate reveals Exos Application Platform advanced controller, powered by AMD EPYC CPUs

Seagate reveals Exos Application Platform advanced controller, powered by AMD EPYC CPUs 2

Seagate Technology Holdings, one of the global leaders in high storage solutions for data infrastructures, launches their new Exos Application Platform (AP), equipped with a next-gen controller that offers the new Second-Gen AMD EPYC processors.

Seagate continues to increase advanced technology to converged storage platforms with the New Exos AP Enterprise Data Storage System Controller, powered by AMD EPYC CPUs

Seagate's new efficient and scalable storage system controller is an affordable platform for end-to-end computing and storage options, delivering both integrated compute and storage capability in an individual enclosure that optimizes rack space utilization, the efficiency of power, the density of storage, and premium heat dissipation.

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With the ever-evolving need for next-gen storage options and solutions continuing to rise at a faster rate than previous years, Seagate recognizes this need and released a report that was commissioned by the company, conducted by research firm IDC, Rethink Data. The two discovered that enterprise data is anticipated to rise on average rates of 42.2% over the next few years and that 32% of available data for enterprises are actively put to work. Sixty-eight percent of the remaining data is left unleveraged.

Data is often discarded because the cost of keeping it is immediate, despite significant potential future payoffs.

The new Exos AP with AMD EPYC processors can help IT professionals build a cost-effective data management strategy that intelligently captures, stores, and analyzes data today and leverages it in the future to drive success.

—Ken Claffey, Senior Vice President of Systems, Seagate Technology Holdings


Combining Exos AP options along with the brand-new AP-BV-1 controller, the two offer premium compute and storage performance in an individual chassis. Dual AMD EPYC processor-based controllers enable the system to deliver unbelievable availability or partitioning of the controller, along with the ability of a flexible common controller slot, allowing connection to even more EXOS E SAS expansion units in level-compatible chassis.  Seagate's new next-gen architecture is a wonderful balanced for current and future generations of CPUs and drives capacities.

We are excited that Seagate picked AMD EPYC processors to power new Exos AP solution.  Combining the processors’ high performance and formidable I/O connectivity capabilities and Seagate's industry leading mass data expertise, creates a solution that delivers flexibility and performance while helping enterprises customers improve TCO.

—Rajneesh Gaur, corporate vice president and general manager, Embedded Business Unit, AMD

AMD EPYC processors have been shown to offer a variety of features, helping to support the needs for advanced high-storage solutions. Within the Exos AP Enterprise Data Storage System Controller, AMD's EPYC CPUs showcase core counts of 8, 12, or 16, offering varying levels of performance and efficiency. The EPYC CPUs also support processing solutions with dedicated PCIe 4 lanes, delivering 200GbE network connectivity, along with high levels of bandwidth to the SAS controller for highly efficient HDD and SSD response. The Exos AP system also supports 25GbE, located on the motherboard, offering base I/O that is typically an added cost on competing platforms.

The Exos AP options featuring the new AP-BV-1 controller are currently available. To find out more information about Seagate's new offering, please visit the company's Compute & Storage Convergence Platforms page.

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