Sea Of Thieves Will Have “Something For Those Who Have Never Played Multiplayer Before”, Team Discusses 3rd Person View And More

Francesco De Meo
Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves, the upcoming action adventure game currently in development by Rare, is one of the most interesting games coming to PC and Xbox One later this year. The team has been working on this game for quite a long time, and they have recently started showing more, getting players quite excited in the process. And now it seems like the team is ready to talk more about the game and more frequently than ever.

A few hours ago, a new podcast series called Sea Of Thieves: Tales from the Tavern has been launched. The first episode , which features three members of the development team, has been recorded at the Rare HQ, and touches upon a variety of interesting subjects such as the team's build-up to E3 2016, the Rare E3 experience on the show floor and back at the studio and more.

In the final few minutes of the podcast, the three members of the Sea Of Thieves development team also answer some questions regarding the game, touching upon multiplayer and solo play, among other things. As previously confirmed, it will be possible to play the game solo, with players opting to do having the ability to enjoy the shared world of the game with a small ship. The team also mentions that players will be naturally encouraged to play on big ships, as they sport a variety of advantages over small ships like the ability to carry more loot and more.

Playing solo, however, will allow players to enjoy the Sea Of Thieves with some unique twists. One of the three members of the team mentions, in particular, that some solo players will probably end up forming alliances with other solo players as to take on bigger ships. No matter what, the team feels like Sea Of Thieves will bond players together, allowing them to make new friends and even give something for those who have never played multiplayer before.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Sea Of Thieves is a possible 3rd person view mode. Unfortunately for those who cannot stand first person, it seems like the team will only implement it in specific sequences, so to allow players to check out their characters and customizations. Sea Of Thieves is a first person experience at its core, with first person allowing a sense of immersion that wouldn't be achievable otherwise. Interactions with other players, which is one of the core elements of the game, would feel different, and less powerful, in third person.

Sea of Thieves launches on PC and Xbox One on a yet to be defined 2017 release date.

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