Scarlet Nexus 1.05 Update Adds Battle Simulator, New Challenges and More; New Bond Enhancement Pack 2 DLC Released


A new Scarlet Nexus update is now live on PC and consoles, introducing new content to the game as well as support for a new DLC pack.

The 1.05 free update introduces a new feature, the Battle Simulator, which allows players to fight against bosses from the main campaign again as well as from challenge missions. The update also adds 20 new challenges and a new lineup of Exchange items.

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Free Update Version 1.05

  • Battle Simulator – Rematch against boss fights from the main story campaign as well as from challenge missions.
  • Over 20 new challenges for players to test their skills.
  • A new lineup of “Exchange” items in the Shop that includes plugins, weapons, and more.

The new Scarlet Nexus update also adds support for the Bond Enhancement DLC Pack 2, which includes new costumes and weapon skins for all playable characters, new Bond Episodes, and more.

Paid Downloadable Content: “Bond Enhancement Pack 2”

  • New costumes and weapon skins for all playable characters in collaboration with famed artist Daisuke Richard.
  • 10 new Bond Episodes to further expand upon character relationships.
  • New power-specific effects when using SAS to connect with an ally who has learned Nexus Drive.

Scarlet Nexus is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One worldwide. Learn more about the game by checking out my review.

With masterfully crafted action combat, charming characters, and a very interesting setting, Scarlet Nexus is a game that action RPG fans should definitely not miss. While the game lacks any real innovation, as it features themes and mechanics lifted from other Japanese RPG series, and it is a little too linear, the high quality of the experience makes it easy to look past these few issues, making Scarlet Nexus a memorable, and extremely enjoyable game.

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