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High refresh rate displays, powerful gaming desktops, and gaming laptops are available on sale over at Amazon, where you can avail up to 23 percent on these beasts. Thanks to the chip shortage, purchasing standalone GPUs cannot be justified thanks to their ludicrously high price tags, so you will be happy to know that pre-built gaming desktops, which were once thought of as inferior in terms of a value perspective, can now be viewed as one of the best purchases you can make during this shortage.

If you want something portable and still experience a high framerate in the latest gaming titles, you can pick up a gaming laptop. A while back, it was unheard of to get a gaming laptop that would unleash new levels of performance, and they were extremely 'chonky' and had limited battery life, meaning that portability was hardly an option. Thankfully, in 2021, advancements in chip development have led companies to churn out products that were not possible a few years ago.

Moving forward, if you want to extend your existing workspace or experience some high framerate titles, you can get one of the many discounted gaming monitors. If you have the budget, we will recommend getting an ultrawide monitor because when you are not gaming and are instead engaged in some kind of work, you will appreciate the increased real estate immensely.

Unfortunately, there is only a limited period of time for this deal to expire, so move with haste if you do not want to miss out.

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