Save $55 on Apple’s AirPods Pro, the Company’s Best True Wireless Earbuds Right Now [New Price $194]


When the AirPods Pro launched, they arrived at a rather expensive $249, making them Apple’s priciest true wireless earbuds. However, the expensive price tag meant that these would be unlike anything customers have experienced in terms of audio quality. Fortunately, more customers will be able to get their hands on the AirPods Pro thanks to the latest price cut of $55.

Yes, that’s right; the AirPods Pro now cost only $194, making them much cheaper than what they cost during Amazon’s Prime Day sale. If you want easy financing, you can opt to pay $32.33 for 6 months through an Amazon Store Card. You can check out more details here, and we’ll provide a breakdown of what makes the AirPods Pro so special. Firstly, they are more compact than the current AirPods, making them less obnoxious to look at.

However, the features that raise the bar is obviously improved battery life and Active Noise Cancellation. Apple claims that with Active Noise Cancellation enabled, wearers can experience around 4.5 hours of battery life on a single charge. Also, you get a Wireless Charging Case that’s used to top up the battery of the wireless earbuds. While using this accessory, you can garner a total of 24 hours’ worth of listening time. Now that’s some serious battery life on a package this small. The Wireless Charging Case can be plugged in using a Lightning cable, or you can use a Qi wireless charging pad for added convenience.

The best thing about the AirPods Pro is how easy it is to pair them with your iPhone or iPad. Thanks to Apple’s custom H1 chip, you can pair these as soon as you open the Wireless Charging Case and when you’re iPhone or iPad is nearby. You won’t have to worry about jumping into the settings section to make it all happen. As you might know, the AirPods Pro have a ton of satisfied customers on Amazon as they currently feature a 4.7-rating out of 5, which is thoroughly impressive.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when these will go out of stock, so if you absolutely need a pair of true wireless earbuds at a discount, these are the ones you should purchase right now.

Get the AirPods Pro from Amazon at only $194