Save $30 on Apple’s AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, Latest Model with H1 Chip


Apple's AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Case are currently discounted to just $169, giving you a chance to save $30 in the process.

AirPods with Wireless Charging Case Pack H1 for Seamless Pairing, 5 Hours of Battery Life per Charge, Charges Wirelessly

Whether it's a gift or a treat to yourself, the second-generation AirPods are the way to go for a lot of reasons. With the built-in H1 chip, the latest AirPods are faster than ever and they can switch between devices two times faster than before. That's not all, you get improved battery life of 5 hours on a single charge and up to 24 hours if you are counting in the charging case as well. That same case can charge itself up wirelessly by simply being placed on a Qi charger.

Apart from that, the AirPods sound great. Sure, they don't offer the punch you would get from an in-ear set of earphones, but for most people that's not important at all. What's important is that they work every single time they pull them out of the case and hit the play button in the Music app.

Right now, the AirPods 2 are discounted to just $169, if you pick one up for yourself straight from Amazon. It's a great saving and you can utilized the saved money towards a subscription for Apple Music, Spotify, or even just buy a fancy case for the AirPods themselves. Hit the link below and make use of this offer right away.

Buy Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (Latest Model) - Was $200, now just $169