SanDisk 480GB Internal SSD Drops to Just $49.99, Usually $200


Upgrading the internal drive of a PC is a logical thing to do if you are looking to give your system a heavy speed boost. This deal on SanDisk’s 480GB SSD should fulfill all your speedy needs.

As we move into a solid state future, solid state drives are getting considerably cheaper. This option from SanDisk is not only dirt cheap but screams like a speeding demon too. First and foremost, it offers 480GB of storage which is more than enough for a lot of people out there. Whether you’re storing photos, videos or playing games, this drive will abide with everything you throw at it, and keep them safe too thanks to its solid physical credentials.

Secondly, you can expect extremely fast boot-up and load times throughout your system which is a benefit that comes with having an SSD inside your PC. You also get blazing fast read and write speeds. You will be dealing with read speeds of up to 535MB/s and writes of up to 435MB/s. Obviously this is not crazy fast. But that’s way more than the aging, spinning drive you have in your PC right now. Admit it, it’s just slow and this SSD will fix everything up in no time.

But the most important part about this deal is the price. It costs just $49.99. Usually this drive commands a price tag of up to $200, which is quite a lot. Just imagine the savings you are dealing with here. Crazy, right?

Buy SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB Internal SSD - SATA III 6 Gb/s, 2.5"/7mm - Was $200, now just $49.99

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