Samsung And Staedtler’s Noris Digital Stylus is More Pencil, Less Stylus


Samsung, in partnership with Staedtler, have announced a stylus that looks and feels like a real pencil. It even features Staedtler's hallmark stripe design, just in case the traditional look wasn't mind-blowing enough already.

Samsung & Staedtler's Approach Fuses Old-School with Modern-Day Advancements - Perfect Companion for Galaxy Tab S3

When Apple announced the Apple Pencil alongside the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it made quite a song and dance of the fact that their offering is more closer to real life than anything else available in the market. This was achieved by following a design pattern that more or less resembles a real pencil. Samsung, on the other hand, knocked on the door of German pencil maker Staedtler, and has come up with a one of a kind stylus that essentially is a real pencil, visually. But, of course, instead of packing the usual pencil graphite inside, it carries hardware necessary to be used as a stylus.

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Now, the great thing about this approach is that you get the weight and feel of a writing instrument you grew up using. So, when you couple this with a device like the Galaxy Tab S3, everything will feel right at home. Except you get to write on a glowing glass surface instead of paper.

The stylus, named the Noris Digital, works exactly in the same manner as an S Pen does. It allows you to scribble around on the display, take notes, screenshots and more. But thanks to its traditional look and feel, it's technology at its finest.

In order to differentiate the Noris Digital from a real-deal Staedtler pencil though, Samsung went ahead with a green color outfit instead of the usual yellow. Quite frankly, I'm not bothered by it at all, but yellow would have gone a long way to complete the technological illusion. At the same time, however, losing the Noris Digital would be a walk in the park as well.

At the time of writing, there are no details available regarding pricing and availability. But given the obvious amount of effort Samsung and Staedtler have both tossed into the mix, it won't be long till we get to hear something from either company.