Samsung’s Neon Is a Digital Avatar That Can Reportedly Express Emotions

Samsung Neon

Earlier last week, Samsung generated a lot of hype for an upcoming product called Neon. It has a social page on just about every platform that shared cryptic tidbits as to what it could be. The overall impression one got from the teasers was that it was some AI-based product. A replacement for Bixby, perhaps?

Today, at CES 2020, Samsung finally lifted the veil off Neon; and it is a lot less impressive than the promotional material made it out to be. Neon is just a digital avatar that looks like an “artificial human."

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The images above are 'representative' and not what an actual Neon will look like. Samsung says that each Neon avatar is capable of holding a conversation with a user while displaying “emotions and intelligence.”  Each Neon can be customized for different tasks and is able to respond to queries within a matter of seconds.  Just what are they for?

Think of them as a replacement service representative, a financial advisor, a healthcare provider, or a concierge. Samsung claims that Neon avatars will be able to work as TV anchors, spokespeople, or movie actors in the future.

No, Neon isn't the precursor of Detriot: Become Human

Samsung has made a lot of outrageous claims about Neon, but the one that takes the cake is that they are indistinguishable from real humans. STAR Labs even goes as far as saying that Neons can even pass the Turing test. A rather bold claim to make for tech that isn't even demoed yet.

They are powered by STAR Labs’ Core R3 and SPECTRA technologies. Core R3 emulates the 'reality' bit of the equation while SPECTRA acts as the proverbial 'brain'. So, just how WILL Neons make their way to the market. Will it be in the form of a holographic module that can be carried around on a smartphone? Perhaps it'll need to be plugged into a stationary module.

Will they come in a human-like body with blue blood and sold in stores nationwide? Will one of them go 'rogue' and start an uprising? Probably not, but we are excited to know more about what is easily Samsung's boldest endeavor yet.

News Source: The Verge

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