Samsung’s Entire Galaxy S21 Lineup Is up to 26 Percent off for Cyber Monday 2021 – New Price Starts From $749.99


It is almost a guarantee that Samsung’s high-end smartphone lineup will be discounted during the holiday season, and for Cyber Monday 2021, you can get up to 26 percent off on the latest and greatest family. The Galaxy S21, which is the base model, starts from $749.99, while the Galaxy S21 Plus carries a price of $799.99 onwards. If you want the best of what Samsung has to offer for 2021 and do not want to wait for the Galaxy S22 series, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is available for 949.99.

All three models feature a 120Hz refresh rate, giving you an exceptional and buttery-smooth scrolling experience, regardless of what you are doing. The cameras also do a phenomenal job, irrespective of which Galaxy S21 model you pick. However, if you want versatile optics hardware in the palm of your hands, there is no better Android flagship to purchase than the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Thanks to its larger overall size, the Galaxy S21 Ultra also sports the biggest battery capacity, which only translates to users getting the most endurance out of this model.

The Galaxy S21 Plus is obviously securing a place in the middle of the road, taking features belonging to both the regular Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and its $799.99 price is not too bad given that you only need to spend $50 extra to get an immediate upgrade from the Galaxy S21. It is highly likely that this deal will expire as soon as Cyber Monday 2021 has ended, so if you are on the hunt for an exceptional Android flagship, pick out one of these.

Grab any Galaxy S21 model from Amazon, starting from $749.99