Samsung’s Dual Core Nexus Phone Galaxy2 aka i9100 is On its Way

Nov 15, 2010

The interwebs have been rife with rumors that Samsung scrapped the planned November 11th launch of the Nexus S to roll out a dual-core version. Not that this is surprising, partly because Samsung had announced their dual-core Cortex A9 Orion back in September, but because dual core phones were expected to show up next year, not before.

But today a Russian blogger by the name of Eldar Murtazin tweeted that he had played with the dual-core Samsung GT-i9100 (or Galaxy 2). He said that he was impressed with the device and that it had a better display than the Galaxy S, featured a plastic casing, and was scheduled to launch in Q1 2011. Take a look.

That the original Samsung Galaxy S had the model number GT-i9000 certainly leaves open the possibility that the newer GT-i9100 is indeed the new dual-core platform.

Interesting features of the onboard Mali-400 GPU  include 4 cores (or “fragment processors”), 1080p video decode/encode, and fives times the 3D graphics performance of previous Samsung processors. Phew.

There are whispers that Google may be launching Gingerbread onboard a Samsung device. Whether that is the GT-i9100 or not remains to be seen.


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