Samsung To Unveil New Chipsets To Power Internet Of Things


Samsung has been very keen to introduce new technology in to the market that integrates technology for enhanced functionality. Recently, Samsung is readying itself to unveil a new chipset platform that will power a wide range of Internet of things on smart devices. For all those who are unfamiliar with Internet of things, it refers to the ever growing network of devices that possesses an IP address for connecting to the internet and the communications that occur between these things.

According to sources, a new stage called Artik is on the go. Artik has unique functionality that blends system on the chip that can further be part of any smart devices like wearables, smartphone and other smart appliances. lets roll down for some deeper insight.

Samsung Readies New Chips To Power Internet Of Things

Arktik will be introduced in a keynote at the Internet of Things World Conference by Young Sohn. The Korean tech titan is in talks with partners and investments in hardware for a long persistent period of time. Sohn had launched a $100 million US investment fund for the project which is expanding. Sohn regarding the Artik said in the press release:

"By continuing efforts to connect devices and people to achieve greater insights, we have a huge opportunity to work with others in the industry, to tackle these real-world issues in ways that will fundamentally change people's lives for the better"

The art of using sensors integrated with other technology to tag anything on the internet is one of the major tasks for Samsung and it has great hopes for the future. The internet of things is growing with a steady pace as Gartner estimates 9.7 billion things connected in the same city to manage and look over infrastructure as well as household items. Furthermore the number will increase by 2020.

Samsung on the other hand is not a sole trader in the field. In the coming time, Samsung is said to face an immense competition from Intel and the Snapdragon maker, Qualcomm who happens to be traditional chip makers. Another tech category has been encountered and many are hoping to be part of it and come out on top. Intel's Curie processor platform was released in January, part of the wearable technology. Nonetheless, the race in Internet of things has already begun and Samsung will surely put itself in lead in the upcoming trends. As for now, let us know what you guys think about these chipsets to Internet of things.