Galaxy S20 Owners Are Suing Samsung Over the Broken Camera Glass – Repair Costs Went up as Much as $400

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S20 Owners Are Suing Samsung Over the Broken Camera Glass - Repair Costs Went up as Much as $400

If you have a Galaxy S20 model that has had its camera glass broken, there are countless others who have likely shared the same experience. Now, these owners have banded together and filed a lawsuit against Samsung over this problem.

Lawyers Claim Samsung Knew About the Broken Camera Glass Issue but Did Nothing About It

Users have filed a class-action lawsuit against Samsung, alleging the company for hiding a defect in the camera glass of all Galaxy S20 models. The law firm that is suing Samsung is Hagens Berman and claims that the Korean giant committed fraud, breached its warranty, and broke many consumer protection laws.

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“Samsung sold its Galaxy S20 as a high-end option for consumers, with a ‘professional’ grade camera, charging upwards of $1,600 per device, only to have them suddenly lose a major aspect of their functionality. During a time of social-distancing and increased use of online access, consumers are especially in need of a reliable mobile device, yet Samsung has refused to deliver the reliability it promised its customers.”

The case was filed on April 27 and is still active in the U.S. district court of New Jersey. Overall, customers have lost almost $400 for repairs, and even then, the problem was not resolved, with the camera glass reported to have cracked again. The disappointing thing is that this problem may have occurred due to a design flaw. Also, keep in mind that unlike the Galaxy S21, which start at a lower price, the Galaxy S20 models were expensive, with even the base version costing customers $999. It only gets more expensive from here.

Unfortunately, even if the lawsuit proceeds to achieve class-action status, aggrieved Galaxy S20 owners should not expect a hefty compensation. That is because payments would likely be absorbed by court billings, lawyer fees, and if the damages are spread through thousands of affected users, the amount per customer will not mount to much. In short, do not expect the payment you receive to cover the repair cost of the Galaxy S20.

News Source: Businesswire

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