Samsung Stores in the U.S. and Canada Shut Down Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


Recently, Apple said that it would close all Apple Stores outside of mainland China due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Now, it appears that Samsung has also closed all of its stores in the United States and Canada. Samsung says that help will be available via other channels such as the company's support page, live chat, and phone.

In an effort to minimize the spread of the virus, I am sorry to announce we are temporarily closing all Samsung US stores as of today, Tuesday, March 17.

Nothing matters more to us than the relationships that we’ve built with our customers over the past 40 years in America. We appreciate your loyalty and understanding, and will continue to update you during this ever-evolving situation. We wish you, your families and your friends strength and good health.

The move isn't surprising at the slightest, considering that large public gatherings are actively discouraged in the face of this crisis. Retail stores can end up as hotbeds for infectious diseases, especially one as resilient as COVID-19, as the virus can stay alive on surfaces for extended periods of time.

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Samsung adds that it will fulfill all orders according to schedule. The company claims that its manufacturing schedule has been more or less on par, despite a few setbacks in its manufacturing plant in Gumi, that had to be shut down multiple times due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19.

There is no word about when the stores will reopen. Looking at the current spread of infection and the rise in the number of positive cases, it may be a while before things go back to normal. It is only a matter of time before Samsung Stores in other countries follow suit.