Samsung SmartThings Now Has Over 200 Million Nodes to Help Find Lost Devices

Samsung SmartThings Now Has Over 200 Million Nodes to Help Find Lost Devices

Samsung has announced that its SmartThings Find service has managed to enjoy rapid growth over the past year. There are now over 200 million SmartThings Find compatible nodes worldwide and they can easily help you find lost or misplaced devices. Find nodes are smartphones or any other mobile devices that are registered with the service.

Samsung SmartThings Find is Enjoying Massive Success Thanks to Over 200 Million Users

SmartThing Find lets Samsung users look for misplaced or stolen smartphones, tablets, as well as smartwatches, wireless earbuds, and even personal belongings if they are using SmartTag. The service uses Bluetooth LE and UWB to find devices, even when a device is outside the range of the user's phone or tablet, SmartThings Find can still get help from other SmartThings Find-compatible smartphones to locate the device, which is always a convenient feature.

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Considering how the location data is very personal and sensitive, SmartThings Find encrypts everything using Samsung Knox. The location data of a lost device is only visible to the owner and they can allow their friends and family members to find the location together.

TM Roh, Samsung MX President has said, “We’re proud and excited to see the rapid growth of the SmartThings Find service. In less than two years, 200 million devices have opted in to help fellow Samsung Galaxy users find their misplaced devices — making it one of the fastest growing services at Samsung.

For those interested in knowing more about the technology and how Samsung is making it better, you can read all about it here.

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