Samsung Showcases Display Driver That Goes From 720p-QHD Via Upscaling


With Computex about to kick off, South Korean smartphone giant Samsung has been on a brutal rampage. After announcing its Galaxy S6 duo, followed by its plans for the 10 nm FinFET process in order to compete with TSMC, the company has also targeted another segment where it has shown a strong command over for a significant period; displays. Samsung recently showcased a display driver tech that will allow a panel rendering a 720p display, to render a QHD one (2560 by 1440 pixels) through upscaling. This particular tech is similar to NVIDIA’s DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution), with the primary difference being that it can cram 4K resolutions on 1080p displays.

New Display Driver Will Dramatically Be Able To Improve Resolution While Reducing Power Usage

According to My Drivers, display factories established in China will begin mass production of future display tech that will take advantage of Samsung’s display driver. Up until now, we have all witnessed how smartphone manufacturing manage to cram in a 1440p resolution on to something as minute as a smartphone display. With this display driver, smartphone users will effortlessly be able to reduce or increase their resolution, depending on the current situation.

Since this display driver will not only improve resolution and reduce power consumption, smartphones and other mobile devices running 1440p resolutions and above will definitely be able to deliver additional battery life to the user. With Galaxy Note 5 rumored to feature the prodigious 4K resolution, you can rest assure that battery life will not last for very long, irrespective of whether or not a huge battery is stuffed in the handset.

With the upcoming display driver, resolutions can be up-scaled and/or down-scaled at will, either to save tremendous amounts of battery life, or deliver mesmerizing display quality. Samsung has not stated when this display driver will be functional in TVs or mobile devices, but seeing as how the pixel count is increasing exponentially, the time is not very far where we can manually tweak display resolutions at will.

Image source: GSMDome